Individual and Family Insurance

Our goal is to help you find the best policy for your unique needs. So whether you insure with us or someone else, let Benefit Navigators answer your insurance questions. Your satisfaction is our number one priority!

Health insurance helps to protect you from not being able to afford the healthcare you need and from the extreme financial burden of paying for 100% of your healthcare out of pocket. Benefit Navigators helps you keep more of your money with affordable coverage.

Common concerns we encounter with new clients:

  • I need a less expensive plan.
  • I’m not happy with the coverage I have.
  • My employer pays towards my coverage, but I spend too much for my family members.
  • I’m on an expensive COBRA plan and they said it will be ending.
  • I have 1 or more pre-existing conditions. Can I be approved?
  • I only need catastrophic coverage.
  • I only need insurance for a couple of months.
  • I’ll be traveling abroad. Do you have Travel Insurance?
  • I need a policy that covers Maternity.

Individual and Family Insurance.
All Preexisting Conditions are Okay.

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Common Health Insurance Terms


Managed care, Network of HMO contracted Doctors. Primary Doctor refers you to a specialist.


Freedom to choose any Doctor, self-refer to any specialist. Note: Get the best benefits by staying within the in-network PPO contracted Doctors.


Amount you must pay before the Insurance will start working for you. Example: on a plan with a $500 deductible, if you receive a hospital bill for $750, the insurance will pay the $250 difference between the cost and your deductible.

Out of Pocket Maximum

The most that you would have to pay in a calendar year (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st) This may or not include the Deductible.


A set fee charged that may or not be waived of having to pay the deductible first. Usually seen with a dollar sign ($) not a percentage sign (%).


Your share of cost after you meet your deductible (if any). This is a percentage (%).


Usually separated from the rest of the plan coverage and deductibles. The prescription deductible does not mean having to meet the plan deductible.


The insurance company’s department that determines whether the company will insure you or not. Each company has their own underwriting guidelines. For example, a subscriber that smokes may be rated higher with some insurance companies, based on their underwriting policies.

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