Small Business Health Insurance

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Any business with between 2-50 employees is considered a Small Business. In the State of California, that means that any business with at least one owner and one non-owner (W2 employee) can qualify for Group Health Insurance. 

Group Health Insurance Quotes

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Group Health Insurance

Common Examples of Groups

  • Husband – Wife Business
  • Sole Proprietor with a paid employee
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships
Reasons to have your Business (2-50 employees) on Group Insurance
  1. To attract and retain quality employees.
  2. Companies enjoy tax advantages for all premiums paid toward employee health insurance.
  3. To keep your employees healthy and more productive.
  4. To make it easy for employees to have access to health Insurance for themselves and family members.
  5. The group can control their own minimum (as per guidelines) and maximum contributions, as well as the available plan(s) they wish to offer.
  6. Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

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Group Policies require the employer to contribute minimum amounts; for example, 50% or $100 toward each participating employee. The balance is taken from the employee payroll. The employee may pay 100% of cost for any eligible dependents they wish to add.

We represent most major insurance companies in California. 

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  3. We hold a follow up review to go over the quotes and make your policy selection. 
  4. We’ll walk you through the application via internet, fax, mail, or in person. 
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